What is Ph.d. Cup?

Ph.d. Cup is a competition in communicating science to the general public for Ph.d. students, who have finished their ph.d. and received the approval in 2023.
After 10 years running, Ph.d. Cup is becoming a prominent intersection for scientists, development and education. The event aims to contribute with the sharing of knowledge and science to the broad population in Denmark.
The event is arranged in a co-operation between DR, Lundbeck Foundation and the Danish daily Information.
Ph.d. students from all Danish universities can sign up for the competition until the 1st of February 2024.

How to apply?

You can presubmit and recieve a notification by e-mail when we open for applications.

We open for submissions early January 2024.

The application must consist of the following:

- A 3-4 pages resumé of the dissertation (12.000 types)
- The complete dissertation
- CV
- Passport photo
- Documentation of the Ph.d. approval
- A short video presentation of you and the science the Ph.d. covers (duration: 30-120 seconds)

The competition is held in Danish, hence it is of importance to proficiently communicate in Danish. However, the Ph.d. dissertation can be written in English.

A panel of communication experts evaluate all the applications and select the 25 best, thereafter a group of seven judges review the 25 dissertations and pick the five best.

All qualifiers to the final receive communication training from media experts and go through preparation courses to get ready for their three minute presentations. The five finalists end up on stage in DR Koncerthuset presenting their respective proposition in front of a live audience and three judges – whilst also being broadcasted to a national audience.

The winner of the Ph.d. Cup receives a fee of 50.000 DKK.

The application has to be send no later than the 1st of February 2024.

Ph.d. Cup er et samarbejde mellem
Information, DR og Lundbeckfonden